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ncis_campfire's Journal

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This journal is set up only to monitor NCIS communities (and a few non-fandom specific communities that welcome participation from the NCIS fandom) on Live Journal with the intent of posting a weekly (at least, depending on volume and my schedule) wrap up. The day(s) of the post(s) may vary depending on my schedule, however, it is my intent to post at least once a week. If there is a large volume of fandom entries, you may see multiple posts in the same week.

Are you moving to DW? We are also at: https://ncis-campfire.dreamwidth.org/

*Do you want a single place to monitor NCIS communities without personal journals mixed in? Feel free to friend this journal, and view the friends feed whenever you want to! You will not be friended back by this journal. This is to maintain the feed of only NCIS communities.

*Do you know of an active Live Journal NCIS community you would like to be added? Please comment to the most recent post with the name of the community.

*There are several active NCIS communities where you can post your NCIS related Live Journal story links, art/ photo links, challenges, searches or discussions. However, if they're not on the feed for ncis_campfire or the post was missed, you are welcome to add a comment to the most recent weekly recap with a description and link or let us know about the community and it will be added to the feed.

*If you have posted a new NCIS story or artwork to your personal Live Journal (that has not been posted to a community) that you would like have added, please post a comment to the most recent weekly recap with a description and link.

*I am only linking unlocked/public posts. It's frustrating for people to click on links only to find they are locked.
*If your post was missed because it was locked by mistake, please comment on the most recent post when it is unlocked and I can add the link.
*If you click on a link here and find that it is locked, please let me know and I will remove it.

*This fandom newsletter was created as a personal journal (rather than a community), because it seems communities are deleted after two years of inactivity. It's very sad that we have lost some great reference material that was posted to a community that was deleted. Although, since this only links to other journals, it may not be of much use if the other journals are deleted.

ncis_campfire was created by and is currently maintained by solariana/jacie3.

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